Difference from Ron Kind

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How does candidate Mark Neumann distinguish himself from the incumbent office holder?


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Does COVID-19 take us closer to a single payer healthcare insurance system?

Should Congress enact more financial assistance for Americans during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, should healthcare providers and facilities be immune from lawsuits?


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Why is Medicare For All one of your most important issues?

How does single payer healthcare insurance get paid for?

What can happen if the Supreme Court rules that Obamacare is unconstitutional?


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What are next steps that the United States should take in response to climate change?



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How should we advocate for a thriving agricultural sector in federal policy?



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How can we move forward to continuously improve community policing practice?

Gun Control

Economic Inequality

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Do we need to enact the $15 per hour minimum wage?


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What should be the future for the DACA program?

The State of Politics

About Mark

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