What Does Mark Ask?

I have been told that if I want to manage a campaign for elected office, then I will have to ask for help. And I am told that I will need to ask for money as well.

My pre-teenage son once told me, “Dad, if you want to run for office, then you’ll be going after votes. You have to remember that votes are not things, they’re people.”

So true.

People have hopes and dreams and worries. My campaign needs to listen to their voices as they describe concerns to others. And then I trust that their votes might be offered.

That’s the rule: One Person → One Voice → One Vote

This political process of listening has to happen through respectful conversation led by candidates in an election. It takes resources to do that work. Many people recognize that our current political campaign finance system gives way too much power to special interest, and it leaves the little guy feeling like there is no voice left for the individual.

That is why my campaign will be financed only by individual donations up to the federal limit ($2800 per person). I will receive no PAC money because that money is like taking a bullhorn into a space where respectful conversation should happen. It is true that political campaigns happen in public space where there can be a lot of clamor and noise. We must do our best to honor all of our voices. Then the elected official must serve the people by answering those concerns in their elected office. This is how governance of the people, by the people and for the people can happen.

Please help me to run this kind of campaign. I will do my very best to do so if you can help as well.

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