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There Is No Middle Ground For Democracy

December 22, 2019, La Crosse Tribune For three years, President Donald Trump and his administration have undone our national institutions and structures of democracy. In 1776, there was no middle ground for independence from tyranny. “Give me liberty or give me death.” In 1863, there was no middle ground for the abolition of slavery. A […]

Competence Is Lacking In Congress

December 27, 2018, La Crosse Tribune It is not so hard. Our elected representatives in Congress could place the good of our entire country ahead of self-interest and destructive partisanship. Our representatives could write good legislation to keep our governmental services funded. If the president decides to veto their legislation, the Congress could override his […]

Respect Dignity, Sanctity of Families

June 19, 2018, La Crosse Tribune On Father’s Day, as Americans across our land take a moment to celebrate our appreciation for fathers, I am dismayed beyond words by my government’s treatment of children at our southern border. What can possibly strike deeper in a father’s fiber than a man’s drive to seek security and […]

We Must Keep Faith In Government

May 18, 2017, La Crosse Tribune Our White House appears to function as a political Ponzi scheme, and our president operates as a skillful confidence man. As the weeks pass, every audacious story gets superseded by yet another. Before any story can be investigated to discover its truth or lack thereof, another more audacious story […]

We Must Push To Protect Our Children

March 18, 2018, La Crosse Tribune As a critical care pediatrician, I have the heart-wrenching experience of caring for children who die in childhood. I know how indescribably painful this tragic loss is for parents, families and our communities. We experience a deep-seated need to give and nourish life and to see our children thrive […]

Journalists Deserve Gratitude, Not Scor...

July 6, 2017, La Crosse Tribune It was 241 years ago that our nation’s fathers declared independence from English aristocratic rule. One of the bedrocks for the success of this experiment in self-rule was the existence of a free and protected press that could inform people to be able to govern themselves. Today we need […]

We Need Both Sick Care and Health Care

May 23, 2017, La Crosse Tribune We can ask what is more important, sick care or health care. When we feel generally healthy and expect to remain so, it makes a lot of sense to think about purchasing health insurance designed to help out on the rare occasion of a large unexpected expenditure for major […]

Don’t Relinquish Good Governance

December 7, 2017 La Crosse Tribune It appears that Congress will pass a tax bill that the president will sign into law. This legislation promises to substantially increase our national debt. This will ultimately result in the need to cut expenditures. What benefits of good governance can be done away with? What goods for our […]