Who is Dr. Mark?

Compassionate and servant

He served as a Franciscan brother for twenty years with six of those years as a medical missionary in the central African country that was called Zaire at the time. He served as a pediatrician for thirty-five years. He continues to serve as a father and husband in the La Crosse community. He wishes to continue serving his western Wisconsin community by helping to make democracy work for all of us. He believes that good governance makes it possible for people to live together so that all can thrive and live more than simply survive.

Why does Dr. Mark run for Congress?

Believer in Democracy

He wants our national tradition of representative government of the people, by the people and for the people to not perish from the earth. In every age of our nation’s history there have been challenges to our democratic tradition. This is not new for us. Today we have our own difficulties and we need to have the courage to correct them so that we can pass along to the next generation a healthier democracy than the one we received.

What are Dr. Mark’s big concerns?

Healthy people and healthy planet

He believes that the purpose of our government is to achieve healthy people and a healthy planet. As the dominant species on earth, human beings have gotten to where we are because of our ability to collaborate collectively for the achievement of goals that are more than simple individualistic concerns. As Paul Wellstone said in 1999, “We all do better when we all do better.” Human health is the same thing as human well being. It simply makes no sense for us to be born unless it is to live wholesome lives and to experience the fullness of human well being. We can only do this together. And we can only do this on planet earth where we share life with all living creatures. All of us, living together, are all in this together. Truly, healthy people can only be so when they are able to live on a healthy planet.

Living together means that we need to organize our life and our way of doing things together. We do this when we create our government and courageously work to keep it working for the good of everyone together. Our form of representative democracy is based on our belief in liberty and equality. This is our great heritage that we have received from the generations who have preceded us and it is our responsibility to pass the success of democracy on to the generations who will follow in our place.

How does Dr. Mark propose to serve?

Lead from the front

He believes it is best to lead from the front and not the back. It is best for an elected official to be a resource and a catalyst to promote honest, informed and clear political conversation within the community that he or she serves. Votes are not things. Votes are people. Every person has concerns, hopes and dreams. Every person has a voice and that voice needs to be heard. Every person will choose to give his or her vote for the person who is best able to hear his or her voice and share those concerns, hopes and dreams.


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