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It is unfortunate that political conversation has become something that people do not want to engage in when in “polite” company. We have become fearful of the emotional reactions that can be elicited and that leave use distressed and sad.

There is a solution, however.

Political conversation is necessary for us to make our representative form of democracy to work. Without sharing with one another our concerns, ideas, hopes and dreams, our representatives in government cannot know what policies need to be established for building our life together.

Making our representative democracy work depends upon three steps. We need to know who we are. We need to know what values are important to us. We need to enact policies that codify those values.

Learning about who we are and what values we believe in can only happen through wholesome political conversation. This is a responsibility that we all share for the sake of making democracy work.

The key to making our democracy work is to remain faithful to our founders’ belief in liberty and equality. It is essential that every member of our community be offered the liberty to speak and everyone deserves the right to be respected as an equal voice.

The solution to wholesome political conversation is respect, both in our speech and in our listening.

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